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My CamSur Enduro Mania Experience

Camsur Enduro Mania was held in Naga City, last May 14, 2016. It was in Mt. Isarog, Team Chocobanana ( headed by Nestor Santamaria III, Bhokie Senar, Jayson Peyra, Jabbar Tatel, John Percival Arejola, Ben Pejo Jr. ) has found a virgin trail for the enduro riders.( As per Allan Adriano, it was solid, think 8 minutes downhill)   We went there for inspection last April 30  and also on May 13 and 14 to supervise the race. The plan was, Sly will be releasing the riders in Special Stage 1(SS1) and I will releasing the riders in Special Stage 2 (SS2).  But Sly has some personal emergency to attend to, so i had to release the riders in SS1 and SS2. It would have been easier if i were not to hike going to the starting point of SS1 and SS2. In SS1 i had to hike more or less one kilometer to go to the starting point of SS1 and back , thanks to Andre and his Polaris, it was  suppose to be 3.1 KM, saved me from walking more than 2KM of the trail. My concern was the SS2, it was 3.7 KM and 2,700 above sea level, i have to climb Mount Isarog, to go the staring point of SS2 on foot. Good thing, Jabbar Tatel helped me going up, i rode in his motorcycle up to the bakahan, i think it was one third of the  trail going up, Up until now, i'm still  amazed , on how i  was able to climbed it. During that time,  I was hungry and tired already. I just remember. every time  i had difficulty going up, I would close my eyes do some deep breathing and pray, every single time for almost every ten or fifteen minutes then I would always feel energized after wards. That is how i was able to climb the Mt. Isarog by myself. Now, going down was a different story, we walked more than two hours from the starting point of SS2 at Mt. Isarog to the car waiting for us in Pinicuason. We were in a hurry going down since it's getting dark in the mountain and it's raining. I did not feel anything while we were walking down, my legs were numb, the only thing running on my mind was,  we have to get out of there,  asap. I was relieved when i saw Nestor Santamaria III aka Kuya waiting for us in the SS2 finish line. He offered me his arms, that was the time i felt my thighs & legs were shaking while i was walking.  I was dog tired, no, i was walking dead. But there's still the awarding ceremony, so we went to the city to freshen up and then went straight to the Naga City People's Hall for the awarding. we were done before 11PM , i chit chatted  with the chocoboys for few minutes then  headed to our car going to Manila. Before 12 midnight, we were on our way back home. I'm grateful to a lot of people there. Thank you, John Percival Arejola for the company, thank you for being patient with me while were going down Mount Isarog.  Thank you,  Francis Albos, for your help during our track reading. I knew you were tired already on our climb up but you quietly endured it and still managed to help me, i'm grateful to you for your help. Finally, thank you kuya for all the yummy treats when i was in Naga, you were a worthy foodie buddy. hahaha. I'm most grateful to you, for saving me in my "period catastrophe". Of course, thank you, Antet Piloneo for the yummiest laing served in the  awarding dinner. Lastly, thank you, Bhokie Senar for all your hard work, going up and down the trail, accompanying the riders for track reading. It was physically exhausting but you're exuberance was contagious, you showed them the trail even with an injured shoulders. Also to Jayson Peyra for showing up in SS2 while his wife was recuperating in the hospital. I will be praying for your beautiful family.  Finally, Javib Pena & Nhokie Senar for assisting me in SS1 also Xavier Flores and Atty. Chris Camacho for your help in SS2. Congratulations Team Chocobanana for the successful event! You guys rock! 


This is stage 1 liaison past 9AM, it was really hot.  Francis Albo's  water saves me from dehydration here.

Half of the liaison in stage 1, we rest for a bit.

 Group picture after some rest before we proceed to starting point of special stage 1. (SS1)

Another group picture, still a bit fresh here.

This is before we got lost in the cornfields. I was with Jabbar Tatel's nephew.  The funny thing was,  i let go of the front and rear brake  here, thinking i was in the cornfield,  sure i was fast but there's no bangin or rocks, what can go wrong, right? that's why i let go of any caution. Wrong decision, i was really fast when i pass by the cornfield  and it was "bako bako", it felt like my intestines along with my uterus, ovaries and fallopian tube were about to burst out of my body. Imagine riding really fast in bako bako, it was an unpleasant experience, turns out nakalagpas kami so we have to go back. 

This is before we start climbing up stage 2, i was contemplating on
 riding the carabao instead of climbing 3.7 KM of Mt. Isarog. Plan failed, i felt like i'll fall anytime, since i don't have anything to hold on to, we decided to take a hike instead.  


Thank you Bryan Kaiser Leonor,  for the picture, This was the race briefing held in the Naga City People's Hall.

May 14 - Race day

The Special Stage 1 (SS1) crew, left side in the green jersey is Jefferson, beside him is Andre Soriano,  on my left is Nhokie Senar.

Let me get you on my embarrassing secret involving the Polaris. I was really glad, Andre brought the Polaris,  it saves me from walking more than 2 kilometers of the SS1 trail. I  enjoyed being with those guys too, it was pure fun. But the thing is i have my period, any girl would know if you have your period and you walk, hike or do anything outdoor, God only knows what will  happen to your pad. I was so engrossed and enjoying the Polaris and it's speed while going to Special Stage 2  for our lunch,  that  i didn't feel or notice anything, until i get off, I saw stain on my seat. Horrific!  I panicked, I stained the Polaris!!! Saying it was embarrassing, was an understatement. I went crazy for a minute there, I went straight to the ate and ask if they have CR, then i called kuya right away, i was rambling at first,  i don't know exactly what to tell him. Then he said, "dahan, dahan lang,  ano yon," i said,  "kuya  i have to go back to change," he said, "we will be late, it would take more than a hour if you go back to the city."  Then he said wait, turns out there's some Natasha outlet in front of the eatery we went to. He bought me undies and leggings, and that's how i was able to go through the stage 2. I was starving during that time but somehow forgot about it after the incident. Andre manage to buy us some ice cream, Nhokie offered it to me but i was still in shocked of what had happened to be able to eat anything. I  was just thankful i was able to change. I told Andre about it, good thing,  he was such a gentleman and just told me not to worry about it. Being a girl, sure has it's own inconveniences when you're on trail but that shouldn't stop us from going out and having a life. Right?

May 14, Race day

Selfie before i climb Mt. Isarog for the SS2, at the back is the cutie of TCB, Allen. 

Finally, the awarding! Congratulations to Ground Zero team for bagging the first place in the Team Category, Reklamo Racing 2nd place and Team Bicol, 3rd place.  Congratulations to Nino Eday,  1st place in the elite category. To all the winners and finishers, congratulations to all of you. 

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