Sunday, July 31, 2016


Sure, at first it may look like a rally of the yellow advocates associated with the former administration but they are not. They are a group called BMXers 80's celebrating the World's BMX Day. They are a group of hearty, middle aged and truly inspiring men, with the passion for riding, who are certainly living their lives,  true to the motto of  their group. " Riding is our passion, our past time and our future."  

Last Saturday, July 23, 2016, the BMXer's 80's celebrated the World BMX day. The pioneer BMXer's together with the new generation of BMX aficionados celebrated the event by pedaling from UP Diliman, Quezon City, dropping by and paying homage to their previous hang outs in Bicrosser, UST, Berris, Luneta before proceeding to the CCP Complex in Roxas Blvd., Manila where they held a short program.  

Here are few shots from the event. They will make you reminisce the younger, glorious, carefree and happy times of your lives with your BMX bikes.

BMXers  80's on their way to CCP Complex

Old and new generation of BMXers

The BMXers 80's  in front of their popular hang out the University of Sto. Thomas (UST)

The Luneta park has always been a haven to all bikers

Dr.  Rod Fernando  aka "Tooth Canine"
I bet you've tried or dreamed of doing that in your BMX bikes at least once in your life.

The amazing Mr. Hilton Tiam-Lee  and other  BMXers 80's. Yup! They still got it.

Parlor game. You've tried reverse pedaling too, right?
With the president of BMXers 80's.  Mr. Alvin Villegas

Congratulations to the BMXers 80's! Thank you and more power to your group! 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I've heard about the Komodo trail from this young man named, Lorence Aragon, when he joined the Pangasinan Enduro  early this year. I was amazed by how young and talented the boy was. I asked him where he usually trains, he told me that he is a regular at the Komodo trail in Bulacan. I immediately took a mental note to include that trial in my bucket list of local MTB spots, i have to visit. Few months after, armed with our bikes,  i asked my husband to drive me and the girls to the  Komodo trail. After less than an hour trip from Quezon City, we got to enjoy the trail and we had a blast, even my daughters loved it.

Komodo trail is located in a privately owned land in Pajo, Meycauayan, Bulacan. The trail is around 6KM, showcasing man made jumps, drops and gaps. But it also has natural trail suited for cross country and enduro training. The trail has this homey feel to it. It makes you feel like your playing in your own backyard. There were frogs, goats, geese adorably roaming around.  It was a friendly trail but you seriously need skills to tackle those challenging man made jumps they have constructed. No wonder, these guys are spectacularly skilled in dirt jump.

I would like to give a big thanks  to Macoy Dela Cruz, president of the Komodo freerider team, to "The Doctor" EJ Sarabia for joining us, and to all the KOMODO FREERIDERS. They are very respectful youngsters. It's extremely rare for young people to be as nice and accommodating as these guys. Most of all, they are extremely talented and dedicated in honing their skills. I can only wish these young men,  for all their dreams and aspirations to come true. 

Here are some pictures during our trip.








John Alby Geronimo @ Bamboo drop





 Even children can enjoy the trail.

These boys maybe better at trail jumping than you.
(From the left: my two girls, Junjun Inocencio, JB Nartales & the neighboring kid)

Virgilio Pineda Ramirez and his pamangkin. Also Ian Sapno John Alby Geronimo John Lloyd Rivera Junjun Inocencion (kid) JB Nartates (kid) JJ Lim Mart Gutierez Wendell Santiago Ronel Rivera
Also Richard Tolentino
Ralph Sayson
Virgilio Pineda Ramirez, Ian Sapino, John Alby Geronimo, John Lloyd Rivera,JJ Lim, Mart Gutierez, Wendel Santiago, Ronel Rivera, Richard Tolentino,  Ralph Sayson,Macoy DelaCruz, EJ Sarabia

Please click the link to check the map to Komodo Trail. They are open on Saturday and Sunday only. 

How to go to Komodo trail?

Take NLEX - then turn right to Meycauayan exit, take the rotonda, you can ask the tricycle drivers which way to Camalig Munisipyo, or you go right, then drive straight ahead  until you reach Pajo, turn left, you will see  the sign Komodo Trail along the way. 

Special thanks to @3N Bakery for the toasted siopao, our trail food. 

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Thursday, July 21, 2016


The Asian Enduro Series - Round 2

The first round of The Asian Enduro Series was held in Nepal last April 7-10, 2016. We are lucky,  the second round of the Asian Enduro Series will be held here in the Philippines in the enchanted Calape, Bohol.  It will be on Sept, 10-11, 2016. Enduro riders from all over Asia will meet and battle it out for the 2nd round of The Asian Enduro Series Championship. 

Now, hit that brake on your life's fast lane!!! Come and take the challenge!!!


Sept. 7 - Press Conference in Cebu
               Race Briefing in Cebu

Sept 8 - Track read
Sept 9 - Track Read

Sept. 10 - Special Stages 1-3
Sept. 11 - Special Stages 4-5 
                 Awarding and Fellowship

Shuttles during the race will be provided but not during on practice days or track reading.

For inquiries:

Sneak peek of the Bohol trail with the local Calape Enduro riders.

Thanks to  Mr. Joemeth  Robles for the pics.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016



Yes, folks. The gorgeous view and the impressive trail you see above can be found  in the Philippines and it is located in Cagayan de Oro. It is called the Mapawa trail, in Malasag, CDO. It is also the venue of the  Enduro Pilipinas 4th national leg, happening this August 20 & 21, 2016.

Can you handle this? It's simply stunning!

Team Bikelab CDO: Sidney Sy, David Castrodes, Christian Uy, Emcas Castrodes, Renax Lim, Raphael Marzan, Ching Que,  Raul Tabil, Dexter, Warren Mangubat and CIY de Martin

If you want to see and experience the beauty, the splendor and the fierceness of the Mapawa Trail including  the warm hospitality of the Cagayanon. Join us!! Last day of registration is on August 8, 2016.
Please click the link to register.

Special thanks to  Emcas Castrodes and  Raphael Charliemagne Marzan for the pictures. 

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Your dream Bike is just a loan away!

My husband's Ellsworth

Overheard, "I would sell my house to buy an Ellsworth."

To the guy in UP, who said that while i was biking with my daughters, using my husband's Ellsworth. You don't need to sell anything, your dream bike is just a loan away. 

Introducing the Philippines' FIRST and ONLY bike loan program made possible by Epic Cycles- Alabang & Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom). 

I saw this in Epic Cycles' FB post. I decided to blog it knowing a lot of bikers might be interested with it. So for inquires, please call them directly, Epic Cycles ( 02) 808-6491

I hope you get your dream bike. See you in the trail.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to be an #endurogirl?

Admittedly, there are only a few breed of brave and courageous women who forays into the enduro style of mountain biking and it's quit understandable. It takes a lot of balls, i mean, guts to shred those gnarly trails. But if you want to experience the thrill, the adrenaline rush, the fulfillment of conquering those challenging trails  and  the joy of the enduro riders' camaraderie, this might be for you.

Let these fascinating pinay bikers and amazingly fearless she shredders from all over the Philippines inspires you. 

Name: Liza Fay T. Viernes

Bike: Taokas Wildcat 27.5
Occupation: Lubricants Sales Supervisor of Seaoil Phils. Inc.
Location: Dumaguete City
What got you into Enduro Mountain biking?
Since then I was in motard racing with dirt bikes with the team Barba, in which they are into DH biking as well. Then, they introduced to me downhill biking, wherein I was highly influenced by their guts, doing the road gaps and the like. So I finally decided to buy a dh bike and join races. Then, I explore my capabilities to try enduro biking, since I want to boost my endurance, which I begin to love it as well. Until such time, I was grateful to hear that Taokas Taiwan wants to have a Taokas wildcat female rider in the Philippines, so I decided to grab the chance. Now, i'm proud to say I am an enduro rider!

When was your first race? How did you feel?
My first enduro race was in Iligan City last September 2015. It was really a great fulfillment on my part on my first enduro race, with the breath-taking liason stages, going from one stage to another. Its really what you call endurance race. And it totally counts for me.
How do you prepare for a race?
First, we do practice uphill and downhill biking in our hometown trails a week or two before the race. Then, as much as possible we can stay 3 days before the race day and do track read, then practice often on stages that needs to be polished. But must importantly, we must stay healthy and get enough rest. Finally, to pray sincerely before the race. “To God be the Glory”
What is your most memorable/unforgettable race? Why?
My most memorable race is when I joined Guimaras Enduro Race last May 2016. I was only the female rider who joined the race and finish the 5 long stages . Battling with those guys, wasn't that easy with that slippery and technical trails. Despite my injury on the 3rd stage, I never lose hope to finish the race and finish 7th place on the age category. Truly, I was challenged and motivated to move forward.

What is your advise to women who wanted to try enduro MTB?

For women who seek thrill and adventure, you better join enduro biking. Its more fun in the track. Not only that you will find more friends and see amazing views of nature, but you will also appreciate the capabilities and skills you might be surprise you do have. Remember, trophies doesn't count, its the fulfillment that does.


Bike: Giant Trance

Occupation: SOPHOS CC

Location: Makati City

What got you into Enduro Mountain biking?

The attitude of the Enduro Community is different from other sports. I also like the adrenaline rush.

When was your first race? How did you feel?
It was embarrassing but i had so much fun. My run time was probably 4X the 1st player's time but the smile on my face stayed on and i was so proud of myself. I was scared half to death every time i fall- and i fell many times- but it was all worth it.

How do you prepare for a race?

Endurance exercises helped a lot. I also made the effort to lose a bit of weight. I practice every weekend with my friends, learning how to manage my bike and conquering my fears.

What is your most memorable/unforgettable race? Why?

Pangasinan Enduro, my first official racem and i got podium because there are only three girls.😊

What is your advise to women who wanted to try enduro MTB?

Don't let cristicism and a couple of bruises keep you from moving forward. Falling down is only an opportunity for you to get up. The way going down is very daunting and most of the times scary but always remember, that before you got scared of the height, you already climbed it, so in reality, you are one step ahead. 🙂


Occupation: Business woman

Location: Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat

What got you into Enduro Mountain biking?

I wanted to conquer my fears on trails that's why I got into Enduro Mountain biking.

When was your first race? How did you feel?

January 2014 at San Pablo, Laguna. I felt so nervous and excited since there's no FEMALE category I was the only girl who joined the race.
What is your most memorable/unforgettable race? Why?

My most unforgettable race was in San Pablo, Laguna in 2014 when I was interviewed and featured in SPORTS UNLIMITED.

How do you prepare for a race?

I ride my bike everyday to gain stamina and endurance, eat healthy foods and drink a lot of water.

What is your advise to women who wanted to try enduro MTB?

First, they have to consider the right bike that will fit their style and the terrain where they live. Then learn and apply the basic skills of MTB. And bear in mind to ride safe always and enjoy the trails.


Bike: Santa Cruz Nomad
Occupation: Businesswoman

Location: Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

What got you into Enduro Mountain biking? 

Biking fashion goes along with the trend and with the advent of the newly introduced sports discipline of mountain biking in my locality which is ENDURO. Endurance and the trail are the key factors why I’m into it.

When was your first race?  How did you feel?

Year 2015, was my first, and the big question that came into my mind is “will I survive”? It’s totally a mixed emotion of fear, doubt and excitement. It was great that my husband was helping me train for the race and he was also my support system. 

How do you prepare for a race? 

I trained once a week, during Saturdays because I still have our business to take care of.

What is your most memorable/unforgettable race?  Why?

ENDURO DAVAO was the most memorable race for me because it was my first time to race outside Iligan City. And it was really interesting for me to meet different riders all over the Philippines. I got to experience hearing their different stories about this and that race and also I got to see different bikes and their types of specializations. It allowed me to widen my network.

What is your advice to women who wanted to try enduro MTB?

Try enduro! Get out of your comfort zone and experience the challenge. Feel the rush, most importantly buy a good bike J.


Bike: Specialized Enduro

Occupation: student/business development

Location: Pasig city

What got you into Enduro Mountain biking? Shin splint due to muay thai training

When was your first race? How did you feel?

Somewhere ing March 2015, they had an All female enduro event with bike clinic. I love the feeling of going downhill and ever since i never stop loving the sport.

How do you prepare for a race?

If i have time to ride my bike, I practice the technical trails but most of the time the track reading becomes my practice. lol

What is your most memorable/unforgettable race? Why?

Enduro Pangasinan. I knew id given my best run for the first two stages and yet i still lack endurance when it comes to the uphill section and i realized no matter how fast you go down, there will be sections you need to do better on specially the pedaling part.

What is your advise to women who wanted to try enduro MTB?

Trying new things wouldnt hurt, experience the fun and dont forget to always enjoy the ride. 


Bike: YT Capra

Occupation: Training & Quality Manager

Location: Makati

What got you into Enduro Mountain biking? My boyfriend. 😛

When was your first race? How did you feel?

My first race was at Nuvali. It was exhilirating and at the same time gratifying and fulfilling.
How do you prepare for a race?

I usually have Dru help me out. When he bikes, I bike and he tries to push me to match up his speed. He's also the one who pushes me to get past hesitations when it comes to jumps and technical trails. We enroll ourselves to a gym and also watch what we eat but then again that also has to do with making sure we have a healthy lifestyle. When the race gets nearer, we bike more often and push our limits to riding harder.

What is your most memorable/unforgettable race? Why?

Davao! One of the races where i really pushed myself plus i got to meet more fenale riders which was the highlight for me!

What is your advise to women who wanted to try enduro MTB?

Embrace it. It is the line that separates fun and challenging. There's more to it than what meets the eye and the community is just amazing. 😊

Bike: Giant Warp

Occupation: Home-based Online English Teacher

Location: Javier, Leyte

What got you into Enduro Mountain biking?

I am a mountaineer and I love the outdoors so when my friends invited me to go on a mountain biking tour in the scenic mountain biking trails of Cebu, I got hooked since then. Then my cousin introduced me to Enduro racing, educated about the rules and gave me riding tips.

When was your first race? How did you feel?

My first Enduro race was  the Enduro Pilipinas during the Terry Larrazabal Bike Festival (TLBF) in Ormoc City last October 2014. I enjoyed the race so much, I felt appreciated, respected, no gender and status discrimination  and the camaraderie between the riders was so overwhelming that I felt I’ve known all the riders for a long time.

How do you prepare for a race?

Prepare? Hehehe, I honestly don’t call what I do as preparation for a race because I really don’t have a specific/ special  program  for that. I usually go biking a few kilometers road (using my endure bike) 2 or 3 times a week then on weekends or whenever I have free time I would go trail riding with the guys. Core strengthening (or whatever they call it) for me is doing household chores. We live in the barrio so I get to hand-wash the laundry, fetch pails of water, gardening, scrubing the floor etc.  I also don’t have specific diet, I eat almost! I just make sure that I have the stamina, the strength and that hunger to experience and enjoy the race. Of course I also check my bike, make sure every part is still working and functioning!

What is your most memorable/unforgettable race? Why?

Actually every race in every place is memorable for me. I don’t count how many times I’ve fallen and crashed or even if I win or not, what is important is I enjoy the trails and I am safe. Each trail and place has their own characteristic so let me just share my memories, so far.
                Enduro Pilipinas TLBF – my first Enduroo race, one of the reasons why I am “Enduro-ing” right now
                Enduro in Eastern Visayas ( BIliran, Calubian, Catbalogan ) – Any race in the Eastern Visayas is like a family reunion race. Eastern Visayas is my home. The Enduro riders here are like brothers and sisters. It is always an all fun and chill race. Eastern Visayas also has  the best Enduro trails in the Philippines which will test the rider’s skills and the bike's performance.
                Enduro Pilipinas Cebu and San Fernando – Cebu is my second home. This is where I developed my interest in mountain biking and where I had the honor to learn a lot of biking tips from some of the best riders not just in Cebu but in the country. The San Fernando enduro race was my first enduro race in Cebu province, it was a great day to meet and race with some of Cebu’s female enduro riders. And who would forget the 4th Leg of Enduro Pilipinas? It was a wet and wild race in the scenic trails of Cebu. I had so much fun riding the muddy trails, trying to keep myself stay on the bike, actually, even walking on the trail takes a lot of effort. Lol!
                Enduro Pilipinas Palawan – my first “plane-ride” race and that “buwis-buhay” last stage trail hunted me in my dreams days after. Ahahaha…and of course, one of the awesome sidetrip that I ever had! Crocodile farm, Underground river and El Nido... hahahaha
                Enduro Pilipinas Zamboanga – another “plane-ride” race and a bit scary because of what was on the news but still joined “for the love of Enduro”. And who would forget that bonggang bongga after race awarding in the grand ballroom of a Hotel! It was here that I planned my relationship goal after meeting the cool Enduro couples of Tacurong. (love you guys!)
                Enduro  Pilipinas Tacurong – another “plane-ride” race and a bit scary as well but still went there anyways because again “for the love of Enduro”. This was my “longest trip to the host City” ever! (international rider lang ang peg) But that long hours of travel was all worth it because it was my first two days of enduro race with steep, flowy, pump track-ish, xc-ish and technical tracks. And this was topped off by a very nice and warm accommodation and sidetrip after the race. I will never forget the experience.

 What is your advise to women who wanted to try enduro MTB?

 - I am no expert in Enduro, for me every ride and every race is a learning process. So, let me just share my thoughts and lessons learned.
                - Biking is not for the rich only, much  more  Enduro. I used to think that biking is only for the rich and those who join the races are those who have expensive bikes. But Enduro taught me differently. My first Enduro experience showed me that there is no discrimination in this sport. Everyone is welcome, whatever your status in life and whatever brand your bike is.  
                - Enduro mountain biking is not for the boys only. Well, obviously it’s not, nowadays the number of women enduro riders is increasing which is a good sign. Most of the time I ride with male riders, it felt awkward at first but later on got the hang of it. Luckily the guys welcomed me to the group and treated me well. What I meant with “treated me well” is that they treated me like how a rider should be treated and not as a “girl”. So, ladies, have confidence and don’t be shy. Let us show them guys what we got. ;)
                -  Value commitment  and responsibility. Commitment, you’re going to need a lot of dose of this with Enduro mountain biking. Once you commit yourself to Enduro, there is no turning back, because for sure you will get hooked to the sport. When I decided to try Enduro, I did not see it as an overnight hobby. I saw myself still ripping trails together with my future children and if God permits grandchildren. So I take it as my responsibility to myself and to my bike to make sure to ride once or twice a week. Few miles is better than zero miles they said. It is also our responsibility to take care of our health. I’m not saying you go “health buff”or  some calorie count maniac. I’m just saying, you minimize doing unhealthy stuff. Not enough sleep, hang-over and 3-4 trails in a day is not a good combination  for me. Be responsible of yourself, avoid becoming a burden to the other riders during trail because just like you they also have their bikes to ride or carry.
                - And above all else, HAVE FUN AND ENJOY. Let’s celebrate our femininity  the Enduro way. Let us explore and discover what we can still do beyond our comfort zones. There are still a lot of things that I would love to share but I will let you discover them for yourselves. One thing is for sure, it’s more fun in Enduro!


Bike: Giant Trance
Occupation: Owner of a Yoga Studio Location: Cebu City What got you into Enduro Mountain biking? I went on a biking tour with Cebu MTB Adventure after a friend invited me. Shortly after that, I joined my first race. I ended up falling in love with the freedom and thrill Enduro racing provides. The rest is history.

When was your first race? How did you feel?

My first race was March 12th, 2016 in Barili, Cebu. As most people feel when doing something new for the first time, I felt nervous, but ready for the challenge. During and after the race the nervousness gave way to fun and excitement. Placing 3rd helped me get over any other reservations about competing in Enduro races.
How do you prepare for a race? When preparing for a race, I try to get as many rides in as possible. I like to ride with many different friends on as diverse terrain as possible. My support group of biking friends and their differing skill levels helps challenge me and keeps me focused on the upcoming race.
My most memorable race will always be my first one. My friend entered me four days before the race, I had absolutely no training, and was fairly unprepared. Thanks to Gene Faelnar Of Cebu MTB Adventure for pushing me and entering me in that race.
What is your most memorable/unforgettable race? Why?

What is your advice to women who want to try enduro MTB? My advice is to not be afraid to try something new, don't be scared to just hop on your bike and ride. You'll never know what you can do if you don't try.


Bike: Vision/Kinesis

Occupation: Technical Support Representative
Location: Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte

What got you into Enduro Mountain biking?

The moment i saw my father's passion on biking, it kinda hooks me in to it.

When was your first race? How did you feel?

April 11, 2015. A pounding in my chest but at the same time i felt excitement.

How do you prepare for a race?

A week of conditioning my cardio and a lot of biking exercises.

What is your most memorable/unforgettable race? Why?

My first enduro race, i did not expect winning a place, but viola, i did. This boost my love for the sport. And to add, my family was there cheering and it feels so good that they were there to support me.

Gwen and her father, Mr. Danny Dulay, also an enduro rider

What is your advise to women who wanted to try enduro MTB?

To aspiring female bikers out there, take every opportunity once given, do not wait for too long before you try enduro MTB, grab it and ride along. Also, remember that when you race, do not always compete but rather enjoy it. Do not count the days, make each day of racing counts. The race is actually (for me) having a circle of friends and experiencing the beauty of the game.

Finally,  let me introduce the Champion Enduro rider in the Feminino Category
Dumaguete Enduro 2016

  Cebu Enduro 2015

Lastly, my advise to women who wanted to try Enduro? 
Just do it. Go out of your comfort zone, have fun. Life is too short to live a dreary life.

These girls will battle with each other again and the other female Asian enduro riders in the Asian Enduro Series this September 2016. But before that, watch them as they strut their stuff in Cagayan de Oro this August 2016.

                 This will be in  Mapawa Nature Park, Malasag, Cagayan de Oro City

          Happening in Calape, Bohol City

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