Friday, August 5, 2016


This is all for the spirit of fun. Bato bato sa langit,  ang tamaan wag magagalit. Funny enduro memes from Mr. Antet Piloneo.

 Kaway, kaway sa mga nag enduro MTB na nakakarelate dyan!

 For the sports, we truly love!

Ingat na lang, bes. 

Masakit talaga matalo, bes. Shut up ka na lang. Better luck, next time

Sama na natin pati yong pagkatalo sa pag ibig!

I feel you, bes. Love kasi natin eh. 

Shout out sa mga yummy at gwapong enduro riders!

Thanks John Percival  Arejola for the pic.

Ikaw to bes!

Enduro Trivia: Alam nyo ba na nabuo ang Reklamo Racing Team headed by the Enduro Champion in Idol Category, Mr. Renan Ricafrente, because during every race, he would always complain about it.  And  we love him for it. More power to you Renan and to the Reklamo team! Watch Reklamo Racing Team in Bohol for the Asian Enduro Round 2 on Sept. 10 & 11, 2016.

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