Tuesday, September 6, 2016


By: Ione Baron-Mejia

Four days before the Asian Enduro Series (September 10 &11,2016),  I still have to "Marie Kondo"
my stuff for my flight tomorrow to Bohol via Cebu but i have to finish this first. Because this includes my favorite humans and the two teams that i look up to,  Team FACE of  TACURONG CITY and Team ZERO from ZAMBOANGA CITY. I wish i still have time to wait for the pictures from the other riders so you can meet them, maybe next time. 

To the other star enduro riders that i wasn't able to include here because of time constraints, my apology. 

Of course, the list of star enduro riders won't be complete without the champ, NILO ESTAYO. Too bad, he won't be able to participate in Bohol, he was injured last week. Get well soon, champ. See you in the next race. 

To all the participants in the Asian Enduro Series Round 2, good luck to all of you. All of us, have prepared for this. We pray for all of you to be safe.  And finally, have fun and enjoy the race! 

Here is the team of gentleman riders, Team FACE! 

Left to right : Noli Bayya, Eric Limon, Patrick Parreno, Ofie Flores, Ricky Olofernes, Rene Delgado, Milton Macanas

Sitted: Jboy Bayya, Jojo bayya, Jong fabros

FROM: Tacurong city
They are a group of friends whose common interest is enduro biking. They have diverse profession, from businessmen to farming magnate to professionals. They are joining Asian Enduro Round 2 in Bohol because it' s an enduro event. wherever there's an enduro event, Team FACE will be there.

Sitted Noel Defensor, Jeoff Bode, Carlo Geneza, Ritchie Dela Cruz, Gary Banas, Kim Legayada, Ogie Flores, Justin Diente, Mark Jacalan

Standing: Jojo Bayya, Casmin, Noli Bayya, Renato Legayada

How do we prepare for upcoming races? Some try to ride the trails everyday, others at least twice a week. others will practice during the race event na. hehe.

L-R Ogie Flores, Renato Legayada, Jojo Bayya and Milton Macanas

What do you expect from the race? We expect to have a quality bonding time during this event.travelling together to bohol is already exciting, will be highlighted by the race itself and will be capped by the wonderful things that bohol can offer. Some members of team FACE will aspire for podium positions, others will be very happy to have a finishers medal strung to their necks. but just the same, however each team member finishes, the passion for enduro will be lit fueled by the amazing experience that Enduro Pilipinas always provides.

NAME: Heydar Hosseini

TEAM: Dartmoor Philippines/Humpers
BIKE: Dartmoor Wish
LOCATION: Manila/Cebu/Zamboanga
OCCUPATION: Distributor
Why did you join the Asian Enduro Round 2? Reunion with friends from LuzVisMin and have fun!
How are you preparing for the race? No serious preparation, just wanna have fun and have some beer after.
What do you expect from the race? I hope it will be organized well, no issues and I hope there will be some music during the race 😉.
How do you think will you fare in the race? No expectations haha.


TEAM: Zamboanga Enduro Riders Organization (Z.E.R.O.)
Bike: Scott Genius 740
LOCATION: Zamboanga City
OCCUPATION: businessman
Why did you join the Asian Enduro Round 2? To gain hands-on and learning experience from this once in a lifetime race and encounter the challenging trail in Bohol as set by the organizers; also to meet new trail buddies of different races/nation.
How are you preparing for the race? By enhancing my endurance in XC and developing my skills in trail biking. What do you expect from the race? Expect the unexpected... more technical and more adrenaline rush ride. How do you think will you fare in the race? Just enjoy the race, have fun and hoping to be in top seeds.


Team: Enduro Riders de Basilan Location: Isabela city, Basilan/ Zamboanga City Occupation: Businessman
Why did i join? Because of the race venue itself, Bohol is dolce amore.
😍 ASEAN ENDURO ROUND 2 is a big event, being part of this event alone makes you a WINNER What do you expect from the race? Another adventure and discovery for me.


TEAM: Zamboanga Enduro Riders Organization (Z.E.R.O.) Bike: Specialized S works Enduro 27.5
LOCATION: Zamboanga City OCCUPATION: Retired Marine Colonel/Bike Shop owner

Why did you join the Asian Enduro Round 2? For the love of the sport.How are you preparing for the race? Uphill biking, trail riding, gym training and dieting
What do you expect from the race? Broken nose, twisted ankle, dislocated elbow and nasty bruises How do you think will you fare in the race? Beat the aging rider in me

Why did you join the Asian Enduro Round 2? I joined the Asian Enduro Round 2 because it is a rare event and luckily it was held here in the Philippines, so I really dont wanna miss it by any chance.

How are you preparing for the race? By biking uphill, any cardio exercise possible and trail riding.
What do you expect from the race? I'm expecting a fun, good and hopefully a safe race.
How do you think will you fare in the race? I will just ride on my own phase.


Team: ZERO (Zamboanga Enduro Riders Organization) Location: Zamboanga City

Why did you join the race? Because last year we enjoyed the Asian Enduro teaser in Tacurong and I looked forward to have a more and thrilling trails in Bohol
How do you prepare? Every weekend we have trails and xc ride to catch up What do you expect? I expect a much technical and enjoyable trails to come. I am a friendly ENDURO RISTA rider but a TRAIL WARRIOR!

The aces from TEAM HUMPERS of Cebu and Aaron Kisler Papas of SF TRAIL RIDER will be there too. See you guys in Bohol.

** Dante Francisco
** Adrian Abella ** Dandan Tiu ** Joseph Falcone ** Tenten Yu

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 Metro Manila

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