Wednesday, July 12, 2017


by: Ione Baron Mejia

Weekend check. Yours was fabulous for sure. Mine, too.

I have discovered a whole new exciting, cardio bursting,  sweat inducing world of the indoor biking. I've been hearing about spin class, soul cycle class, cycling class, they come in different names but it's an indoor biking class and i haven't experienced it yet. Let's just say, it's because we are geared more into the woods, the trails and the mountains.

I was one of the bloggers invited to attend the Robinson's Metro East In Door Bike Challenge  powered by San Marino Tuna last Sunday, July 9, 2017 in Pasig City. When asked if i wanted to join the race, i was thinking, it's a freaking 20 mins in door biking, how hard could it be, of course i'll join. This may sound as an excuse but like any other working mother out there, ( I am a practicing CPA,  i have two outlandishly smart daughters, an adopted strange cat and quirky husband to attend to) time management is a challenge,  I haven't been on the saddle for a month and on top of that i was having a flu, I was having a runny nose during the race. But still indoor biking, it wouldn't be that hard, right? Wrong!!!

The event was very well organized and i appreciate the fact that it was catered for all ages. My daughters had fun with the Kinect and WII. And since it was held at the mall, mall rats were treated to some healthy treats. Kudos to San Marino Tuna and Robinson's mall for advocating a healthy lifestyle. There was food tasting. The San Marino corned tuna, was the star of the event, it has the delicious taste of corned beef with the health benefit of tuna and it has less oil than the usual tuna flakes. After tasting it, my daughters were raving for it.  San Marino  corned tuna and crackers, is the new puto and dinuguan, its the new millennial's food combo. It's affordable and healthy even better for people watching their weight like myself.

                                  Food sampling is a must!

                  Even senior citizens got their hands on Kinect and the Wii

                                   There were free BMI and BP check!

                              Diet consultation is also free for everyone!

                                          The photo booth was a hit.

                                             My girls and I queuing!

Do you know what i like best in the event? It was the race itself. I was not prepared and i have underestimated the race that i don't know anything about. But i like it because it was a learning experience for me. First two mins of the race, i knew i will have a hard time with it, my thought was, why did i join this, i could just have blogged it without joining this. It was hard to pedal since the intensity was adjusted, it's like you're biking uphill continuously for 20 mins, i wanted to stand up but for some reason i can't. I keep telling myself, you have finish this, your children are watching.  This has reminded me of the cardinal rule before racing, 1. you have to prepare yourself,   2. be sure you are physically fit.  It was foolish of me to join without any preparation and while having a flu. Lesson learned, know what you are getting into and never ever assume.


Finally got my finisher's certificate.

You may ask, why is it hard? Remember when you were still a newbie in mountain biking, your friends invited you, sabi dyan lang kayo sa tabi, yon pala sinabak ka sa ahunan, ganon ang pakiramdam. Imagine 20 mins kang papadyak ng ahon ng walang pahinga at hindi ka pwedeng mag adjust ng gear,   pabilisan yon  ha. Masaya di ba? Kailangan talaga ng ensayo don. But aliw ako kay grandmang  sumali, panis kay lola, palibhasa best in spin class yata. At dahil dyan mag spin class na rin ako. Magandang pang cross training pero san kaya meron sa Quezon City?

Congratulations to Robinsons Metroeast and San Marino Tuna for the successful event and for promoting the healthy lifestyle.  Hopefully, next year a lot of people can join and experience the Indoor Bike Challenge.

                                   Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to King Filart - Champion 

Again, congratulations Robinsons Metroeast and San Marino Tuna for mounting a successful event. We look forward to year 3 of the Indoor Bike Challenge! 

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